Set up

Generate API Key

To get started, create an account and get your API key.

Setup .env file

Create a .env file in root of your project, and add your API key received in the email.


Add dependencies

To your pubspec.yaml, add the welltested_annotation package and other optional dependencies as below:

    welltested_annotation: ^1.0.1

    // to generate mocks 

then, activate the welltested CLI globally using:

dart pub global activate welltested

Once you have activated welltested CLI. Run the following command to test if the welltested command is working in your CLI:

welltested --help

Note: Upon running welltested --help, if your CLI complains welltested: command not found. Please check if your dart pub setup is complete. For detailed instructions, refer to the Dart documentation.

That's all, we're good to go!

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